My friend Sonia Choquette says:

You know more than you think you know. You’re aware of more than you’re consciously tuned in to any given moment. Quiet your ego and your deeper wisdom will surface.

For me, what she’s saying is all about believing in yourself. I often talk about how magnificent our bodies are. They do a variety of processes without us every having to think about doing them. Our bodies can run, jump, swim, dance. They can heal themselves from something as small as a paper cut to many injuries much larger and more serious.

In addition to our body, we also need to remember how magnificent our brain is. Our brain can think, understand, and process a huge amount of information. It can learn and change throughout our entire life creating new synapses and connections. And it can process a variety of information without our conscious participation. The information is there, we just need to trust it.

We might think of this as tuning in to that sixth sense. If we recognize the power of the brain, we can choose to tune into that power, and trust that the answers are there. As Sonia says, “Your deeper wisdom will surface.”

For two days this week, Natalie was on my mind. I just kept thinking about her, so I called. You know how sometimes you call and you don’t expect anyone to answer? That’s how I was feeling as I picked up the phone and dialed, but Natalie answered.

After we said hi, I said, “I’m just calling because you’re on my heart today.”

She started crying. When she was more in control, she explained what had been going on for her recently and told me how much my call meant to her.

In this experience and many others like it, I have learned how important it is to listen to and trust the small messages we are being given. If we take the time to quiet our egos, as Sonia suggests, we can tap into a wealth of wisdom that, very often, will give us the chance to lift someone else up.

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