When it comes to our health we have a tendency to not see the forest for the trees. It is interesting how frequently we zero in on the one symptom or pain that is bugging us most and go about the business of alleviating it.


Too often our fix just masks the underlying issue. Even more often we don’t connect the dots between one pain or discomfort and another, and even a third. When we’re looking to relieve pain or illness we usually go to what we know, the familiar, resulting in a trip to a medical doctor and likely a test and/or a pharmaceutical prescription to treat that one issue. I see things differently. I use my imaginary zoom lens to zoom in and see the trees and then zoom out and see the forest… and teach my clients to do the same.

Our bodies are amazingly complex, crafted with care and a level of detail and inter-connectivity we’re still trying to understand. That inter-connectivity of all that makes us human is part of what I love about being a chiropractor and why I engage holistic therapies. It’s why when I’m working with a client on their spinal health I not only recommend regular chiropractic adjustments, but may suggest they take up yoga, consider inversion, build their core strength, or try foam rolling. If a client comes to me with recurring colds or sniffles, I may suggest some things to immediately relieve suffering, but more importantly I’d likely talk to them about healing their gut, improving their nutrition, getting better and more sleep, and perhaps even suggest acupuncture among other options.

The next time you’re experiencing a symptom I want to encourage you to do two things:

  1. Be still. Really listen to your body. How does everything else feel – throughout your body, your mind and your spirit? What’s the story of this symptom, pain, or illness? See all the trees and then step back and see the forest of your overall well-being in this moment.
  2. Consider addressing your ailment from multiple directions. Tell your health practitioner not only the specific issue you’re having at the moment, but the whole story of what you “heard” when you were listening to your body. Discuss with your health practitioner all the therapies and ongoing actions you can take to both alleviate what’s happening now, and improve your well-being going forward. Be open to alternative therapies.

To help you listen to your body, download my free inventory, Body Talk. Take the assessment and get suggestions to improve your whole health and wellness holistically.



Originally Posted October 20, 2014

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  • Deise

    Hello. I often wake up with my hands sort of stiff and arthritic felnieg. My middle finger sticks and clicks on my right hand. Unlike most people, I wont get drugs to relieve it, and think it is most probably due to some environmental source or something I may be eating. Can clorine in the water have something to do with this? Before, I drank distilled water only. Now this is happening. Also, is there something I may not be eating that has something to do with this?Help! and thank you!Kate

    • Kayti Doolittle

      Are you taking magnesium and or omega 3 supplements?

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