What’s Good for Your Closet Is Good for Your Colon

It’s spring. Flowers are blooming. Birds are singing. Everything seems fresh and new.

We often get the urge to spring clean and de-clutter our homes. We also strive to lighten our food and bodies, preparing for summer. When we’re freeing our spaces – be that body, mind, or environment – we tend to look for what we want to get rid of, what we’re cutting out, donating or throwing away. What if instead of looking at what is and deciding what we don’t want, we focus on what we do want? It is a simple shift in mindset, but it can make all the difference.

If you’re cleaning out and organizing your closet it is a more streamlined process to first take everything out. That gives you a clearer perspective on how much space you really have and what organizational tools you might want, i.e. shelving, baskets, etc. Then you can look at each item and discern if you really want to add it back in: how does it make you feel, does it fit, is it worth the space it is going to take up?  When you’re finished everything left gets tossed, donated, stored elsewhere or sold. The same process can be used for the junk drawer in the kitchen or the bookcase in the den.

When I encourage clients to move to a whole foods or clean eating diet I charge them with adding in the good rather than eliminating.  If you intentionally add in a lot more water each day you’ll eventually eliminate your need for soda or other processed drinks.

However, sometimes in more acute cases I suggest an elimination diet that cuts out all but a handful of specific whole foods. Like your closet, removing what the body is used to gives it a chance to clear out and recalibrate.  As you begin to add foods back into your diet your body will ask similar questions: how does this make me feel, is this adding any nutritional value, is it just not a good fit (sensitivity, allergy)? You will know if your body rejects a food or drink you’re trying to add back in.

When you shift your approach to freeing your space from eliminating what you don’t want to add in what you do want you are creating a positive in your life, a new possibility.  It is the difference between a perspective of “this is what I love” or “this is everything I don’t hate.” As you spring clean your home or your body choose to keep or add in what makes you happy, well and loved.



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