Today’s guest post is by Linda Bamber. Linda is a teacher, author, speaker, and nutritionist. She is also the founder of BRAS, Breast Research Awareness and Support.

Thermography is a relatively new word – but it has a long history in natural healing.  The ancient Romans would slather people with mud and then lay them out in the sun…the spot that dried first was the “thermal” hot spot.  They could visually see the problem area.

Today, infrared thermal cameras capture images and show temperature variations in minute degrees for many different uses. The armed forces have made vast improvements in thermography. The husband of one of my clients was saved on the battlefield when he was found with thermal imaging.  A wound on his hand that could be seen thermally from the air allowed him to be identified and rescued. These advances have been applied to medical thermography as well.

Thermal imaging can now be used for prevention ideas.  According to Dr. Christine Horner, when we integrate one prevention idea we decrease our breast cancer risk by 30-40%, when we make more than one change, the risk decreases “astronomically”.  Thermography provides amazing images – pictures that really are worth a thousand words and instigate changes.

BRAS Thermography uses before and after images to showcase cost-effective, drug free natural prevention ideas that can make such a difference in health.  Our medical doctors look at temperature differences and patterns with sophisticated computer modeling. Changes in those patterns over time can signal important changes in our health. We can visually see if our changes helped.

Patient One                     

Torso shows bright orange Torso shows small patches of orange with a lot of green

For example: This patient came in for an image, and then chose to eliminate diet soda. The picture on the right was taken 10 days after eliminating diet soda. You can see the difference in the colors of the scan.

Patient Two

This client was a breast cancer survivor of 9 years with axilla inflammation, or inflammation in the armpit. Because of the number of lymph nodes and blood vessels, the inflammation was a concern. After the first image, the client was given a three month protocol. For one month, take Cruciferous Complete and Livaplex, two supplement products from Standard Process, nothing was done during month 2, then dry brushing, a simple technique of brushing the skin before a shower, daily 3 weeks before taking a second thermogram. The picture on the right was the one taken after the three months of treatment.  

Armpit shows red which extends through torso Orange area has shrunk to be concentrated in armpit

Patient Three

Face shot showing orange extending down neck Image shows red/orange blotches extend from the mouth and throat

A male client noted a dental abscess on the right side of his mouth that had been bothering him for a couple of months, but his main concern was a lump in his chest.  Thermography tied the cause and effect together and showed that the lump in his chest was connected to the abscess. He made an appointment with a dentist!

Patient Four

Image shows torso mainly orange Image shows torso with breasts green and small patches of orange

We are always told that our emotions can affect our breast health. My client had come for a yearly thermogram for several years and each year the thermograms were identical, showing no major problems or concerns. Then she lost several family members in a year. Her next thermogram showed major changes because of the emotional stress.  Her scans returned to normal only after emotional support using Bach Remedies, which are a variety of flower essences to impact our mood and heal our hearts, and Hormone Combination, a supplement from DesBio.  

Thermography and Breast Cancer

Today is always the day to make changes to protect your health – but October is also the month when we focus on breast health.  National Breast Cancer Awareness month puts mammograms front and center in women’s minds. Many women are beginning to think beyond pink and search for ideas to protect themselves.  Although they want the benefits of early detection, they are frustrated with the outcomes that often includes “wait and see” and a follow-up mammogram in six months.

BRAS Thermography provides a safe, effective, radiation-free screening that encourages women to take control of their own healing process. Come and learn about Breast Research Awareness & Support.

About the Author

Linda BamberLinda Bamber, B.S.  is a teacher, author, speaker and nutritionist. She began researching prevention techniques when both her mother and sister were diagnosed with breast cancer six months apart.  The result is BRAS, Breast Research Awareness & Support, founded in 2008.  

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  • Taylor Hansen

    It’s interesting to learn that one prevention idea can decrease the risk of breast cancer by 40 percent. My sister is worried about getting breast cancer since it has been running in our family. I’ll have to share this with her so she knows to get a thermography scan to notice any changes in our health.

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