Tenacity, Tenderness and Tribe! The T Factor!

— Dr. Michelle Robin

Tribe is so important to me, of course I had to create a T Factor to showcase it along with my other alphabet mottos.

One of the changes that our society has made is that we are more isolated. Fewer people live near extended family, so we wind up without those close ties. We are also very good at keeping ourselves so busy that we don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to creating close ties with those around us.

One question that I often ask people is “Who is in your tribe?”

There are many layers to this question. The first is who are you spending most of your time with? But tribe has significance beyond just time. It is about who do you call when you need help, and who would you drop everything for if they needed your help? Who do you feel connected to, with a connection that goes beyond just proximity? And there is also a question of values, who do you let into your tribe? What values are so important to you that you seek tribe members who share those values?

Parents and Kids

Because many of us live in immediate families, meaning parents and their children in the house, the family forms a piece of your tribe. How can you make that tribe relationship stronger?

Parents, one way is to listen to your kids. No matter how young, or how old, your kids have things to say to you that are important to them. Give them time and space to talk to you about whatever is on their mind. Listen first, and then think about how you want to respond. Respect your child’s feelings, so that they want to continue to tell you things.

Check Your Devices

Create time for your tribe that is free of devices. Don’t let the ringing, buzzing, or notification lights distract you from the people that are right in front of you. Keeping your phone out of sight will let your tribe know that they have your full attention and that they are important to you.

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