The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down. There’s a lot of change and uncertainty for our health, livelihood, and daily life. We can get through this together, but we need to do two things. We need to find a new rhythm for our day to day life. And we need to build resilience in our mind, body, and spirit. I want to support you in every way I can.

I’m hosting a LIVE video chat Monday through Friday starting April 6th through May 1st, 12:30pm Central to connect and grow together. We’ll focus on motivation, health and wellbeing, wisdom for these times, sharing stories, and having fun. I’ll occasionally have guests to share their expertise and inspiration as well. I hope you’ll join me for these interactive conversations. Just sign up to receive the login details.

Virtual Hugs,


Week 1

Motivation Monday – April 6th Guest – John O’Leary

Total Health Tuesday – April 7th Guest – Shamayne Tate

Wisdom Wednesday – April 8th Guest – Britt Frank

Talk Story Thursday – April 9th Guest – Crystal Jenkins

Fun Friday – April 10th Guest – Luke Wade

Week 2

Motivation Monday – April 13th Guest – Teri Griege

Total Health Tuesday – April 14th Guest – Hailee Bland-Walsh

Wisdom Wednesday – April 15th Guest – Reverend Patricia T. Bass

Talk Story Thursday – April 16th Guest – Frank Ferrante

Fun Friday – April 17th Guest – Sonia Choquette-Tully

Week 3

Motivation Monday – April 20th Guest – Dr. Carolina Aponte Urdaneta

Total Health Tuesday – April 21st Guest – Dr. Sean Cailteux

Wisdom Wednesday – April 22nd Guest – Amy Bretall

Talk Story Thursday – April 23rd Guest – Dr. Heidi Hanna

Fun Friday – April 24th Guest – Edith Varley

Week 4

Motivation Monday – April 27th Guest – Kathy Nelson

Total Health Tuesday – April 28th Guest – Dr. J Ann Dunn

Wisdom Wednesday – April 29th Guest – Ron and Beth Hall

Talk Story Thursday – April 30th Guest – Sonia Choquette

Fun Friday – May 1st Guest – Meredith Suarez