Fox 4 KC – “5 Lessons We Can Learn From Our Pets”


Fox 4 KC – “Sugar Detox” with Shelly Murray and Dr. Michelle Robin


Fox 4 KC – “Regain energy with these simple solutions!”


Fox 4 KC – “The evils of sugar!”

Radio Appearances

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Rainy Day Books radio spot – with Dr. Michelle Robin and Roger Doeren

Rainy Day Books, Inc., is Kansas City’s Community Bookseller, and the oldest Independent Bookstore in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Since 1975 Rainy Day Books promotes a Legacy of Literacy throughout Kansas City. Rainy Day Books places a greater emphasis on Author Events as a form of community outreach. Through community partnerships and innovative Author Event planning, the bookstore quickly became known nationally for the new strategy.

Rainy Day Books is considered one of the leading Independent Booksellers in America, profiled in the National Publishers Weekly (PW) for having “set the Gold Standard” for the industry for Author Events. Rainy Day Books has been nominated for National Bookseller of the Year by the American Booksellers Association. Rainy Day Books has also been recognized by Fortune Small Business as a Winning Workplace.

For more information Rainy Day Books click HERE.


‘A Great Collaboration’ radio spot – with Dr. Michelle Robin, Laura Welch, and Mike Lundgren

Laura Welch is co-founder of ‘A Great Collaboration” and Mike Lundgren is the Director of Creative and Applied Technologies at VML and Curator and organizer of TEDxKC.

On the 40th anniversary of the famous ‘Blue Marble’ photograph taken of Earth from space, Planetary Collective presented a short film documenting astronauts’ life-changing stories of seeing the Earth from the outside – a perspective-altering experience often described as the Overview Effect. From the creators of that short film entitled, “Overview” comes the new documentary “Planetary“.

Learn about A Great Collaboration Summer 2016 and how you can be a part of the movement starting now.


Garmin radio spot – with Dr. Michelle Robin

Find out about Dr. Robin’s new favorite gadget, the vívofit® from Garmin. “Inspire each other to keep moving in life”

For more information on Garmin’s VivoFit click HERE.


Sunlighten radio spot – with Dr. Michelle Robin

Listen as Dr. Robin shares her experience and joys of her Sunlighen Infrared Sauna. “I recommend using a Sunlighten Infrared Sauna to help give anyone a whole body wellness experience. It can help with muscle pain, relaxation, detoxification and weight management. It makes a tremendous improvement in overall quality of health.”

For more information on Sunlighten’s Infrared Saunas click HERE.


December 12, 2014  //  Jumping the Gap – with Felicia Lee  //  “The Great Pair of Hands”  //  LISTEN
“You should be able to have a career that doesn’t steal your health away. We are giving away our most precious asset – our health – for wealth. . . Our career shouldn’t cost us our health.” Simple and yet powerful words from Dr. Michelle Robin, founder and CWO (Chief Wellness Officer) of Your Wellness Connection.

In her 23 years of serving as CWO of one of the nation’s most successful integrative healing centers, Dr. Michelle Robins shares timeless tips on what it means to achieve wellness doing the work that you love:

– Commit to a mind shift: pursue your vision through small changes in big shifts
– Invest your time wisely: be mindful of the people you’re cultivating relationships with
– Plug into your community: make it simple and consistent.

Through it all, Michelle shares her simple and consistent business plan, “Get in there, and be patient and not spend more than what you make.”

September 30, 2014  //  Blissful Living Show  //  LISTEN
Rochel Marie Lawson interviews Dr. Michelle Robin

September 25, 2014  //  eWN Radio Network  //  “Tune Into Your Wellbeing!”  //  LISTEN
Dr. Michelle Robin, author of “The E Factor: Engage, Energize, Enrich” and “Wellness on a Shoestring: Seven Habits for a Healthy Life” talks with us about getting healthy by listening to what your body is telling you.

June 2, 2014  //  Parent Choices Radio Show  //  “How the Inside Impacts the Outside”  //  LISTEN


12/22  //  The Doug Halderman Show LISTEN HERE

9/13  //  BlogTalkRadio – “Get Healthy on a Shoestring Budget with Healthy Wild And Free” LISTEN HERE

5/14  //  Live with Rink and Laura LISTEN HERE

1/11  //  Julianna Lyddon Radio Show LISTEN HERE


11/5  //  Radio Show with The King and Queen of Green – Trish and Gary Walker LISTEN HERE

10/18  //  Today’s Innovative Women with Cathy Allessandra LISTEN HERE

9/9  //  Deep Talk with Vasavi Kumar LISTEN HERE

8/18  //  Personal Best Show with Kristen Tews LISTEN HERE

7/17  //  The Hoffman Connection, Hoffman Institute LISTEN HERE

1/28  //  Deep Talk with Vasavi LISTEN HERE


12/5  //  Unity Village Events and Voices with Ted Collins LISTEN HERE

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