I love the month of November, but not because of the change in the weather and the colder temperatures! Definitely not that. I love November because here in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of November, and for many of us, our thoughts turn to gratitude and recognizing all the things that we have that we are truly grateful for.

A wise, but unknown author, said, “Gratitude changes everything!”

I have seen this in my own experience. This summer, our offices at Your Wellness Connection flooded in a bad overnight storm in Kansas City. There was damage downstairs, and it was going to take a lot of work to get it fixed. Then, just a week or two after the first flooding, when we had repairs underway, we got hit by another storm and had more flooding. It was one of the moments when you start to think, why is this all happening right now?

But during this experience I immediately saw things to be grateful for. My team at Your Wellness Connection got together and moved everyone on the lower level into different rooms and areas so that they could continue to practice. I had wonderful contractors to work with who came to assess the damage, and then repaired it as quickly as possible. Despite the damage, we were able to continue helping people, even if the space was a little more cramped.

With this gratitude in my mind and heart, I was no longer thinking of the situation with all the anxiety and frustration and frantic feelings that first hit me when I heard the news. Gratitude really changed everything for me.

What are you grateful for? How do you keep gratitude with you beyond the Thanksgiving holiday? Let me know in the comments.

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