“Do you ever just hang out? I always see you go, go, going. Do you ever stop?” These are questions I hear frequently from people who follow me online and see that I’m flying across the country to speak one day, seeing clients the next, giving a workshop across town, and hosting my radio show the day after that.

“Yep,” I say, “As often as I can.” I need to rejuvenate my body, mind and spirit. So, yes, I hang out, chillax with my family, friends and puppies. Yet, most of the time I am on the go. Why? Because it’s my mission.

We’re all called to a mission, a purpose, a bigger role we’re meant to play in this world. Everyone’s mission is different. There is not big or small. There is no ranking of value one mission contributes to the world over another. My mission is to inspire people to connect to their wellness, reach their optimal well-being. It is my social responsibility and the best thing I can do for myself as well, to take action and live out my mission.  Living your mission, or purpose, or calling, that is the best way to contribute to the world, to serve.


I know, I know. Figuring out your mission in life is that part people seem to struggle with most. There are a gazillion books, speakers, TED talks, and workshops you can read, watch, listen to and work through to find your life’s purpose. I think that one of the best ways is to meditate or pray, and just listen. Also, look around at what you already do or have done in your life that brings you joy. Your mission isn’t going to be something that isn’t joyful for you. That doesn’t mean it will necessarily be easy. Your mission might become your income source as well, but very often it isn’t, and that’s okay.

The next question you’ll have is how. How do I live my mission? It seems impossible or too big. I can’t answer that for you other than to say this – say yes to it first. Say yes to your mission and the how will show up. Say yes, and your mission will become possible. The ideas, people you need and resources will start to arrive.

I said yes and my mission has taken on different forms over the years. It keeps me very busy; but it also fills me with joy and gives me as much energy as it takes. I rarely know how something is going to come to fruition when the initial idea sparks, but the how always shows up. My mission and yours…possible.



Originally posted June 17, 2014



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  • Brendon

    Great thoughts. I’ve always felt like my mission had to be huge. I guess how big or small doesn’t matter. Just that it’s mine. Thanks Michelle!

  • Trudy Swint


    I feel so blessed to know you. Love your monthly columns, always so much to think about. The good news is I have the “hanging out” down to a science.

    thank you and big hugs.

  • Lucy DelSarto

    The world is a better place because you have chosen to bless others by following your mission. Thanks for all you do!

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