“The gap between where you are at and self-love is self-care.”

We’re told we need to love ourselves, but that raises the question: How? No matter what our current feelings toward ourselves happen to be, we could probably all do a little better with self-love, but where do we start?

I like to say, “The gap between where you are at and self-love is self-care.”

So the key is self-care. If we practice self-care, we can change our feelings about ourselves. What do you choose to do for self-care? How do you make yourself feel cared for and loved?

I know how good self-care makes me feel, so I make sure to make time in my day and in my life for it. Certain things are daily things, like eating healthy food. Other things are weekly, like a massage. And others only come around once in awhile, like taking a vacation.

Some ways that I practice self-care are:

The things on my list won’t apply to everyone. Maybe for you self-care includes dancing, painting your nails, or playing the guitar. Take some time today to write down the things that make you feel cared for and loved. When you have your list, look at your calendar and find times when you can fit these activities into your schedule. You deserve it!

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