This month, I have been forced to spend a lot of time learning about IT. As we are coming to a resolution, I am looking back at the month and realizing how much time this has taken away from the things that I usually do. 

In a recent podcast, Joel Osteen said that each of us has an assignment. We have a reason that we are here and an assignment to be done while we are on Earth. The gift of this month is I have gotten clarity on my assignment.

My assignment is full of the things that I love to do:

  • Building community and building lifelong relationships by being a go-giver and showing up for people
  • Teaching well-being and whole person health to groups or individuals
  • Teaching the business model of whole person health
  • Guiding clients on their whole person health journey
  • Celebrating, guiding, and connecting groups and individuals to provide hope

This is my assignment, and I love celebrating, guiding, and connecting everyone, but in the past several years, I’ve realized how important it is to teach young people how to care for their well-being so that they can put the odds in their favor for their healthiest life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Because this is so important to me, and to our future, I’ve made it a part of my daily work.

Situations crop up that take my focus away from my assignment. This month it has been the IT needs, but two summers ago it was dealing with storm damage at the office. I’ve realized that because I know my assignment, I can make adjustments to get back to spending the majority of my time celebrating, guiding, and connecting. And when that is my focus, I know I am helping people change their lives. Although I’m frustrated by being pulled away from my assignment, I’m also grateful for the reminder of where I want to focus my time.

What is your assignment? What is your reason for being here, what do you love to do, and what fills you with joy?

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