Lesson 22: Lean into your faith

One of the things that you might see after a big damaging storm is a picture of a fallen tree with a huge root ball. I am amazed at the force of nature that is required to knock over those big old trees. A big old oak tree can withstand a lot. It has a root system that is deep and wide that anchors it into the ground. A 30 mph gust of wind isn’t going to take down a tree like that.

For us, difficult things are going to happen in our lives. It might be a relationship, a job, an accident, a financial catastrophe. Each of those things might come up at different times as we move through life. Those are the storms that we face in our lives.

To get through those storms and remain standing upright, we need to be like the oak tree and have a strong root system that anchors us to something greater than ourselves. When we are anchored to something greater than ourselves, we can lean into our faith and walk through our challenges.

Your faith can take any form that you want it to. I believe the key component is feeling that there is something greater than ourselves. That is a source of comfort to me and offers a reason to continue walking my path.

Small Change Challenge 22: Shut down technology one hour before bedtime

This is a simple change, but it is a difficult one for many of us to practice. Shutting down technology an hour before bedtime offers so many benefits though. It can give you space to connect with your family and with your faith. It gives you space to relax. It can help you sleep better because you are not pouring information into your brain and because you are not stimulating yourself with the blue light emitted by your device. I can keep going, but you get the idea!

Start by putting your phone to bed before you start your nighttime routine. Put your phone to bed (bonus points if you put it on a charger in the kitchen) and then go brush your teeth and do your nighttime preparations. Tonight that might mean you have 10 minutes technology free before bed, and then you can start increasing the time over the next week.

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