Inch by inch, wellness is a cinch!

— Dr. Michelle Robin

The wellness space is overwhelming. Not only are we dealing with the medical studies that seem to be published every day, but we also are inundated with alternative therapies to consider. As we hear each of these new pieces of information, we feel that we need to incorporate the findings and treatments into our lives. And that gets really overwhelming for all of us.

On the news last week, there was a report on a new study that showed a connection between how much children and teenagers sleep and the risk of heart disease later in life. The reporting of these studies can be dramatic, and I started feeling like I need to get even more sleep, and make sure that I tell everyone (again!) that they need to sleep.

In addition to the reports on the news, those of us in the wellness space regularly get new information about alternative therapies, including supplements, practices, and other things to include in your life. It can feel like you’re constantly being told this supplement is going to cure you, this essential oil is the solution to allergies, or you’re hurting your family by using that cleaning product.

Instead of worrying how to include all of this health and wellness information in your life, my advice is to learn to notice. Ask yourself, “How do I feel?” and take time to notice the answer. Check in with yourself periodically throughout the day, the week, and the month. Notice the answers and notice the trends.  

If you notice that your stomach is grumbling, growling, and irritated after you eat broccoli, notice that and avoid eating broccoli. If you notice that you are extremely tired, work to examine the causes and fix the underlying cause of your tiredness. As always, think about making small changes when you are addressing the things that you notice.

In this process, you are working to look inside yourself instead of outside. Your health and wellness is your own choice, don’t leave it up to a committee. Look inside yourself and take small steps to get your health where you want it to be.

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