There are thousands of articles about how to be happy. You can read them and get tons of advice about things that you can do and things that you can change in your life in order to be happier. Some of this advice is excellent and can truly help you change your outlook and be happier.

But when I see these articles, I always think about this quote by an unknown author:

How to Be Happy:

Decide every morning that you are in a good mood.

What Do You Control?

For me, this quote is about the choice that we have and what we can control. One thing that we don’t often think about is how we can control our mood and our level of happiness.

We might think that our mood and happiness level is determined by the circumstances happening around us. The weather, the traffic on your way to work, or your 10 am meeting. Or it might be determined by things happening in us, like whether you are hungry or tired. All of those do have an impact on our mood, but even though those circumstances are often out of our control, we can control our response.

I compare choosing to be happy to choosing to be grateful. Even during the most difficult times in your life, you can look carefully around you and find things to be grateful for. During my recovery from my bicycle accident, I felt overwhelmingly grateful for my tribe. They surrounded me, brought me things I needed, stayed with me so I wasn’t alone, and worked their healing modalities on me to lessen my pain and help me heal faster. Although it was a difficult recovery, I had many things to be grateful for.

The same is true about happiness. Even when the circumstances around you seem to only lead to a sad or dark mood, you can choose to find something to make you happy. Or as this unknown author says, you can decide that you are in a good mood.

What makes you happy these days? Let me know in the comments.

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