Hope, Healing and Happiness all begin in the HEART! The H Factor!

— Dr. Michelle Robin

As you know, I evangelize the Quadrants of Wellbeing which emphasize the importance of four aspects of our health — Mechanical, Chemical, Energetic, and PsychoSpiritual. Even though all four are important, the PsychoSpiritual Quadrant is magical. It is the key that unlocks healing for our body, mind, spirit, and actually, our entire life.

For most people, we will do everything before we will look at the PsychoSpiritual Quadrant. We will start an exercise routine, addressing the Mechanical Quadrant. We will change what we are eating, addressing the Chemical Quadrant. We will even take an hour break from electronics to address our Energetic Quadrant. All before we look at the PsychoSpiritual Quadrant. And then we’ll go back and start drinking more water, addressing the Chemical Quadrant again, instead of getting to the PsychoSpiritual Quadrant.

Each of us experience things in our life that hurt our hearts. Our heart might have been hurt by sexual violence, or by being laid off, or the death of a loved one, or by a serious illness. The important work for us to do is to heal our hearts from these hurts. That is the work of our life and the work in the PsychoSpiritual Quadrant.

Healing our heart is what makes us well. As I say in my H Factor quote, hope and happiness start in the heart. If we are feeling hurt and pain, hope and happiness struggle to be part of our lives.

When I was 31, I had the chance to go through the Hoffman Process. I still look back on that experience as the event that taught me how to heal my heart and the time that healed it. I frequently recommend that others also go through the Hoffman Process because it is helpful to have someone guide you through the steps of healing your heart. It can be hard and take effort, but it is worth all of it.

Healing the heart will help us to be well in body, mind, and spirit.

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