Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Dr. Lindsey Berkson. Dr. Berkson is a thought leader and scholar in functional hormones, nutrition and digestive health. Berkson’s career spans almost four decades of research, clinical practice, authorship, teaching, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical investigation, and her own experience as a patient. Berkson has been in on functional nutrition since its inception. She has worked together with many integrative leaders such as Jonathan Wright, MD (with whom she collaborated on a natural HRT) as well as Drs. Alan Gaby, Leo Galland, David Brownstein and Jack W. Moncrief, and scientists like John McLachlan PhD and William Toscano PhD.

Berkson’s deep understanding of nutritional endocrinology and gastroenterology has led her to teach that hormones lean on nutrients, which lean on digestion. You need to have all three pillars — hormones, nutrients, and digestion — functioning optimally for you to overcome illness and to keep your brain, energy and hopes soaring for years to come.

Berkson wants you to have the know-how to see your life lying strong and long ahead of you, no matter your age, issue or diagnosis. Take control of your health and live your life younger, longer.

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