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Dr. Courtney Jackson is a naturopathic physician who passionately promotes the healing power of whole foods to her patients and the public. She is the creator of the ECO Project at the National College of Natural Medicine and co-founder of the Food as Medicine Institute. Prior to pursuing her medical career, Dr. Jackson earned her Bachelor of Science in Resource Ecology Management from the University of Michigan. Her interest in medicine stemmed from growing up in a conventional medical family in the Midwest. Her ND degree beautifully rounds out the medical family tree and adds a dynamic flavor to family conversations. Dr. Jackson maintains a private practice at Grain Integrative Health in southeast Portland where she offers comprehensive, patient-centered evaluations focusing on hormone, digestive, and cardiovascular health. She loves spending time indoors and outdoors with her husband and two kids and celebrating a good meal with them.


Guest One

Dr. Courtney Jackson

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