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“My body needs exercise. My body will always need exercise. This is not negotiable, it’ll never change.”– Lyn Lindbergh

We all have these good intentions to eat healthy, exercise more, be mindful and more but how many of those goals have actually fallen through for you? Maybe you truly tried with all your effort but then felt left behind by the fitness industry?

Today, we are helping you overcome any obstacles that are in your way to help you start living a healthier life you will love without it seeming like such a burden.

Tune in as Author of Couch to Active and Founder of the brand, Couch to Active, Lyn Lindbergh, shares how finding a tribe, reaching out and making plans, plus taking wellness one day at a time will help you live a more active lifestyle that’s both easy and fun to do.

Especially with the end of the year holidays coming up, now’s a better time to never to focus on self-care, a gratitude practice, or start moving with something as easy and enjoyable as walking with a friend.

Find out what small shifts you can make today to make big changes in your life with these 3 Steps from Lyn:

  1. Get in tune with what makes you smile for exercise.
  2. Really relentlessly break your stereotypes of who does what kind of fitness.
  3. Find your tribe and talk to everybody about your goals.
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