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Despite her website’s catchy name, Megan Gilmore does not believe in “detoxing” in the sense of a drastic, quick-fix diet. In fact, eating well hasn’t always come naturally for her.

As a military brat, Megan’s family moved often while she was growing up and they relied heavily on fast food. Megan was fortunate to be an active child with a good metabolism, but her bad eating habits caught up with her in college when she became more sedentary. Megan gained nearly 30 pounds during her freshman year.

Desperate to fit into her clothes again, Megan embarked on a series of diets to help her lose weight. She suffered in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and binge eating for years. It took Megan years to figure it out, but she didn’t achieve lasting weight loss until she developed a healthier relationship with food. Instead of restricting entire food groups, Megan now focus on streamlining my digestion and eating higher quality foods.

Nothing is off limits!

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