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Did you just send your kids off to school? Or maybe you are getting ready to send them off? Mandy Shoemaker has a unique perspective into children and schools coming from a past as a school principal and being a mother.  

We are constantly hearing about troubles and tragedies happening at schools all across the country and it can leave us feeling hopeless and defeated. Mandy knows the importance of finding balance, giving validation, and building relationships when it comes to teaching and leading our kids.

Mandy shares her insight into the world of education when it comes to being a kid and parent so we can all work together to better our future generations and create change.

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  • Jeanette

    Great show with great advice…even if not a parent. ;-) We have a nephew that is close to us and so there were some good nuggets that we can use when we spend time with him. Thanks Mandy and Michelle for these tips and also the other helpful sites.

  • Anne

    Good show and good timing for back to school. Appreciate you both for sharing helpful sites and tips.

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