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If you were told you only had a couple months to live due to a terminal illness, what would you do? Dr. Nasha Winters, N.D. and CEO of Optimal Terrain, was told this at the young age of 19 as she was diagnosed with cervical cancer after dealing with multiple health issues.

Dr. Nasha took her diagnosis and decided she wanted to go out on her own terms so she went to the library and the book, Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra, popped out at her so she read it one night. By reading this book, Dr. Nasha’s diet, lifestyle and college major would all be changed overnight.

Now Dr. Nasha, is helping others by educating clients, doctors, and researchers on ways to apply the integrative oncology philosophy to treatments and therapy. She finds pleasure is seeing the joy in others and finding the “blessing in the lesson” in everyday life.


Dr. Nasha Winters

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