Today’s post is by Stephanie Red Feather. Stephanie is the founder of Blue Star Temple and is a divine feminine change agent and empath. She offers classes and workshops to help empaths, and joins us to share some of her wisdom.

The term empath has been on the new age scene for several decades. Most of us understand that empaths have highly sensitive nervous systems, are more naturally able to perceive subtle energies as well as other dimensions, and possess a general energetic physiology that is different than most people.

As empaths, it is easy for us to blend with others, especially during the unconscious years when we don’t know we’re an empath. As a result, we often take on other people’s feelings and problems. We lose ourselves in relationship and have difficulty figuring out where we end and another begins. We have been misunderstood or ostracized. We battle constantly with overwhelm because the stimulus of the world can quickly overpower our refined systems. It is a daily effort to remain functional. There are times when I have wondered, “What could possibly be good about being an empath?”

But did you know empaths have a greater purpose…a cosmic mission on this planet?

The World is Changing

We are in a grand cycle of ascension that affects every life form in our solar system. In this upward trending cycle, human consciousness is raising. Lost wisdom, teachings, technologies and collective memories are being regained. Our bodies are being exposed daily to higher and higher energetic frequencies and time is speeding up. Our human operating system is being upgraded. Anodea Judith, an expert in the chakra system, explains that we are moving into fourth chakra consciousness, which is to say heart-centered consciousness.

Who better to lead the way than empaths?! Our gifts – refined energetic perceptions, heightened intuition, ability to communicate with and perceive multiple realms of consciousness, a desire to serve and support others, a focus on peace, compassion and cooperation – make us perfectly suited to be the way-showers for the next step in human evolution. We are not a random occurrence. We are not a mistake! And while we might currently be the minority, we are the bow of a vast wave of new-form humans.

We are evolutionary empaths!

What is an Evolutionary Empath?

So what does that mean? Most prominently it means the decision to embody as an empath in this lifetime was made at a soul level. It was a choice! Your cosmic essence knew the changing times you would be born into. Those of us present on the planet right now are here to help anchor the new human blueprint as we ascend into higher consciousness.

Currently it may seem like we are an anomaly (and at times it may certainly feel like we are premature). But truly, we are the new norm! Trend setters aren’t known to be rule followers. They are rule breakers. They do things, see things, know things, believe things before they are popular or accepted. Your life experiences have prepared you for this unique role.

Have you been the black sheep? The weirdo? The one cast out, judged, misunderstood or ridiculed by your family? Maybe, just maybe, instead of them being here to teach you, you are here to teach them. Instead of your family, friends, work place, and society trying to get you to fit into their mold, is it possible you are really here to break the mold altogether?

Being an empath is an honor, a pre-ordained sacred role. And it is the way forward. Instead of ambling through life doubting your exquisite brilliance, can you instead stride in full brightness believing…knowing…you are the prototype for the next phase of human evolution? Can you embrace the risk of being different? Can you accept, with humility and confidence, your mission – however small or large – to contribute a higher vibration to the collective?

And I do mean “…however small or large.” Don’t let the scope of this grand cosmic mission intimidate you. It doesn’t mean you have to give up your job because it isn’t (fill in the blank) enough, or become a public figure, go into some form of advocacy, or create an international business. Your mere presence is enough. You…are…enough.

What is most critical is that you be who you are, where you are. Don’t shrink or contort yourself to fit into someone else’s mold. You can do the most good by being aligned with your authentic self…that is the mission. Embrace your sensitivities. Live from your heart. Be true to your values. Shine out your glorious expression of the divine feminine. Be the pioneer you came here to be. You showed up…on this planet…the way you are…on purpose.

You are an evolutionary empath.

About the Author

Stephanie Red Feather

Stephanie Red Feather is a divine feminine change agent and champion of empaths. She is the founder of Blue Star Temple, offering experiential workshops, initiatory processes and private facilitation to help empaths embrace their soul’s calling to evolve humanity to the next level of consciousness. Stephanie is an ordained shamanic minister and holds a PhD in Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual studies. Her first book “The Evolutionary Empath” is due out in late 2019. Visit her website:

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