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Can’t Rush This

When you experience a trauma it shakes up everything in your life. One part of you may have taken the direct hit, yet your whole being will be impacted in some way. The harm and long-term consequences you experience may be negative, but there is also positivity to be found in the healing journey. That’s what I’ve been experiencing for the last month as I’ve been healing from a car versus bike collision; my bike and I were on the losing end.

I am beyond fortunate to have the family, friends, healers and team that are in my life. They all instantly sprang into action upon hearing of the accident on June 29. If you know me or have followed me for long then you can imagine that I’ve been anxious to get back to “normal” probably since Day 2 or 3. My dear friend, Paul Jernigan, gently reminded me that you can’t rush healing. Instead you must do all that you can to encourage healing and give the body (mind and spirit) the time it needs.  Even as a healer myself, I needed that reminder.

Quite a few people have suggested that this experience happened to give me a break from the hustle bustle of my life. Let me tell you, this is not a break. Being in pain, recovering from serious injury, and getting well is exhausting and very hard work. It has definitely given me a new perspective on disability, how the body functions, and both the frustration and grace that comes from having to rely on others.

Was this a message for me to slow down? Maybe. Clearly there is a message of some kind, as there always is. However, I think the true message or lessons I’m to learn in this experience will reveal themselves over time.

Speaking of slowing down – nearly everyone asks me if the driver of the car stopped. She did. Many others stopped to help as well. However, this is a good example of why and how we need to all slow down, take our time, be present with whatever we’re doing and wherever we are, instead of always being in a hurry and living a distracted life.

So what have I been doing to heal? I’m walking the talk of using natural and integrative therapies to heal and recover. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital from the scene of the accident to be checked out. I’ve continued to consult with my medical doctor and orthopedist while engaging with vitalistic modalities, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, physical therapy, energy medicine, massage, and nutrition, etc. I’ll be able to share more in detail once I’ve moved through more of the healing process.

Healing is hard work. It takes time and patience. My common phrases of “inch by inch” and “small changes…big shifts” come to mind. Healing also takes a tribe. In addition to all the health and wellness professionals that are working with me, I have also had my family and a heap of friends orchestrate a schedule to “Michelle-Sit” so that someone is with me and helping around the clock.

I am beyond blessed! I am grateful that while the injuries I incurred were severe, I did not suffer any head trauma. I am thankful that I have the knowledge, know how, and access to pull together a tribe of integrative healers alongside my medical doctors in order to get the holistic care I want, need, believe in, and promote to others.

While I’m more mobile now, a month in, I still have healing to do before I’ll be able to fully return to work, see clients at Your Wellness Connection or get back on the road for speaking engagements. Again, I’m blessed with a team at YWC that is keeping everything running smoothly, and fellow practitioners who are caring for my clients. I’m also blessed with a team on the other side of my business that is supporting my radio show, writing, speaking and consulting. I am so humbled and filled with joy by all the sweet calls, emails, social media messages/comments, cards and flowers that I’ve received from my entire community.

Can’t rush this. It is a lot, but it is a day by day, inch by inch effort to give my body (mind and spirit as well) what it needs and encourage healing. I hope you’ll take this account and apply the lessons to your own health and healing, whether it is for a broken bone, rebalancing hormones, treating a syndrome, or getting over a cold. Give your body the nutrients, holistic, and if necessary, medicinal support, and time it needs to heal. Allow your tribe to love you up and help in your healing. Be gentle with yourself.

Hugs for your Health,


Originally posted July 31, 2015

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  • Cyrus Perrott

    Five Stars! Dr Michelle and her new book Wellness on a Shoestring are the keys to being happy in your skin!

  • Kevin Scarrow

    Take care and know Kelly and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Sandra Madsen

    Dr.Michelle, Thank you for the update on your healing. Thinking about you and sending you energy. Much love!

  • Betty Mantz

    I have thought about you so much and I thank you for this post updating your journey. Healing is a process and it’s imperative that you respect the slow pace required after you have endured such a serious accident. I know you have a fabulous team and family and friends. But know too that there are others of us in the healing community that are wrapping energetic arms around you every day and praying for your return to the work you love. Very best to you!

  • Angie Taylor

    So Glad to hear you’re moving down the road to recovery! Great message! Wishing you the best, Angie Taylor

  • Sue Goebel

    Dear Michelle,
    Kim and I are so glad to hear you are healing up. We will keep you in our prayers. Take the time you need and we will see you soon. Hugs.
    Kim and Sue G.

  • Linda Pfingsten

    Michelle, you are on my mind every day. I’m so glad that you have many,many people who are stepping up and stepping in for you. I love you and will see you soon.

  • Dee Mayer

    Dear Michelle,

    So thankful to know how you are doing as you travel the “road to recovery.” Thank you for sharing your experiences/insights…there is so much we can learn from your wisdom!!

    Sending good thoughts and prayers for your recovery!! Very best, Dee

  • Mahnaz

    Love you Michelle and sending lots of hugs and good thoughts for timely and gentle healing

  • Connie L. Riley

    Hello Michelle. So good to read your blog post and hear about your progress. Yes, it is difficult to “slow down.” However, I’m sure you have already mastered the skill set need to accomplish the much needed process to heal. I’m also sure with the support group you’ve described you will have great assistance in your endeavors. My thoughts, prayers and love are added to all the rest being sent your way. Connie

  • Susan Carlson

    Dear Dr. Robin,
    I’m so sorry about your accident and all you’ve been
    going through. In spite of your situation you are continuing to lift us up and inspire us. I’m remembering you in my heart, thoughts and prayers.
    I’m praising God for all He is doing in your life
    and His amazing protection. With love and hugs!

  • Nancy Ingram

    “Be gentle yourself.” What an important take away from your message. My favorite time during my appts, had always been the “hug” at the end, and rememberng the importance of those hugs, and to take that energy with me when I leave YWC….and to share it with others. I always left your office feeling that gentle wave of love, comfort, healing and spirituality.

    I will remind you to “be gentle with yourself”. I thought I had your cell number, but evidently did not keep it, so for now, this email will have to remind you that I am thinking of you and wishing you peace and healing. “The peace that passeth understanding” is something we prayed for in the Episcopal Church I grew up inn years ago. While we may not always come ti understand, we are strenghened by the experience, whatever it may be. I wish for you continued healing and renewed daily strength.

    You are such a gift to all of us.

    Nancy Ingram

  • Paula Johnson

    It was great to see you recently for an in- person hug and that you are doing so well. You have helped so many of us mend. Sending you love and hugs for your continued healing ❤️?

  • Suzette

    I am grateful you are recovering; thank you for including us on your journey toward healing from the accident. You are in mhttps://www.drmichellerobin.com/cant-rush-this/#y thoughts and prayers.

  • Delia

    You have given hugs throughout the years. Now I hope that you feel all the hugs that you have given to others. Get well soon

  • Nicole Gerken

    I’ve been thinking about you everyday and sending you hugs. I know you and your strength. You got this!

  • Donna Sherrow

    Michelle: Thanks for sharing updates on your progress. You continue to be held in my thoughts and prayers for healing and restoration of total health in body, mind and spirit.

  • Leanne

    Glad to hear you’re getting better. I think about you a lot and wish you a healthy recovery!

  • MK Mueller

    Grateful for your putting in the extra effort to write us all today, Dear One!Thank you for your courage, your patience, and the time you are taking for you. The love and appreciation for you among us, your tribe, continues to grow and bless the world…


  • Diana Welsh

    Michelle, thank you for sharing your healing process. I have thought of you often and continue to offer prayer and good wishes from my heart to yours. Thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do. Hugs to you.

  • Marcia Gradinger

    So nice to read your updates and insights. Think of you often and send healing thoughts and energy your way.
    In reading your above post I thought back to my journey of healing 16 years ago from breast cancer. While going through the journey I also “awakened” to many of the insights you have related above. I found “center” and perspective like I had never known before. In doing so I also realized that one of my biggest challanges would be ahead of me. That challange would be to maintain that “center” that knowing, that I had while in the journey week,month,year after and after when life got busy, complicated and challanging as it does. Sometimes I have to reach back far and and really,really dig and search to find it. I find it, but it sometimes is like trying to find something in the bottom of your purse. you dig and dig because you know it is there!!! Your Journaling is good and healing for all, thank you for “reminding” me.
    Wishing you continued blessings and healing.

  • cuky Harvey

    I am grateful that you are healing…and looking forward to all your insights. Healing does take time, and rest, and a fearless attitude. Time is our friend, so taking time is good medicine. xx Cuky

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