Do you have times that you just ignore your body? Maybe you are at work trying to get through an important meeting, and you just ignore how hungry you are getting. Or you ignore that you need to use the bathroom. Or that you are thirsty. We all have these moments that we can’t immediately address the signals that our body is sending us, but we need to be aware of what signals we are getting from our body so that we understand what our body needs.

Suzy Prudden, the author of twelve books and an international speaker, says:

Your body is your vehicle for life. As long as you are here, live in it. Love, honor, respect and cherish it, treat it well, and it will serve you in kind.

Listen to Your Body

One of the ways that we live in our body is to listen to it. We start understanding the messages that our body is sending by paying attention and addressing the regular everyday signals it sends. If you begin to feel thirsty and immediately get yourself a drink, it becomes easier to recognize thirst. It will be the same for the other signals that your body sends.

Recognizing signals of hunger, thirst, needing a restroom, and needing sleep is the first step to what I call “tuning into your wellbeing.” When you take the time to listen to these messages, you open yourself to tuning in to the other messages that your body sends. You can expand the messages your body sends by asking questions like, “Did I sleep ok? Did I have a good bowel movement today? Do I feel vibrant and alive or do I feel foggy? Do I feel achy and sore?”

Once we ask those questions, we can start to understand the reason why. We can keep the questions going and ask, “What did I eat yesterday? Did I drink enough water? Did I drink too much alcohol? Did I have too much sugar?” When we notice the message and the reason for it, we can treat our body well and respect the message and change our behavior.

For me, when I tuned into my body, I learned that my body doesn’t respond well to brown rice or broccoli, so I don’t eat those. As Suzy Prudden advises, I respect my body and what it wants.

When we live in our bodies, we listen to them, and we take care of them. This body is the only body that you will get, so love, honor, respect, and cherish it.

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