“Be the energy you want to attract.”

— Amanda Cerny

Many of us aren’t familiar with energy, but energy is this thing that we can’t measure or see on a lab test, but we can’t live without it. It is kind of like breath in that way. You are constantly breathing, but the breath itself isn’t something that you can see. But just like we can feel ourselves breathing, you can feel the effects of energy.

We all have an energy field. We can affect our energy with what we do, think, and by what we are surrounded with. Not only do we affect our own energy, but we can share our energy with the people around us.

I have a care bear that I love to show my clients. The care bear has sensors on each paw and when you hold its paws, the energy circuit is completed and the care bear plays a song. You can also stand in a group and hold hands with each other and close the circuit. If you have two people or 200 people in the group, you share energy and can make the care bear sing.

Because we share energy and our energy can be impacted and change, we can put out the energy that we want to get back. If you want to be surrounded by kind people, you need to put kindness out into the world.

I think about this often with students going back to school. We hear so often about bullying and other cruelties that happen in school. It’s hard for everyone to look outside of themselves and for children and teenagers it can be even harder. But for them, and for all of us, if we want to be around kind people, we need to be kind and share that energy.

You can be kind by starting intentionally. Look around you and notice the other people who are there. Start by smiling and saying hello. Try to notice what other people need help with, and help them if you can. You’ll be the energy that you want to attract.

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