Today’s guest post is by Raana Zia. Raana is a spiritual teacher and the author of Your Hidden Light.

What is detachment, and why is it important?  Detachment is a relaxed state of being. It is also a knowing that all is well, and what you have consciously desired in your life is on its way.   Remember, you are always creating your reality whether you like what you are experiencing or not. All your dominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are creating all your positive and negative experiences.  It is only through a disciplined practice of keeping your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs consciously directed towards your positive desires, that you can most efficiently and effectively achieve your goal. When you are detached from your desired outcome, you trust and allow a greater force to take over on your behalf and bring to you that which you desire.  It is only in the state of detachment that things seem to work out for you easily – opportunities arise, support is given, desires are manifested.

If you desire to create a happy relationship, more money, a better job, etc., you need to be able to detach from your desired outcome in order to allow it to come to you.  This does not mean you give up on your desire, but instead you know it is already yours. You put your body in a feeling of well-being. This means you relinquish the feelings of “striving” or “wanting” something, which puts your body in a state of unease.  The feelings of unease, stress, worry, doubt, and fear energetically block you from receiving what you desire. Instead you need to feel like you already have what you desire. You need to have faith and trust it will manifest in your life. It is only when you are feeling relaxed and at ease, that good things flow to you and all things are possible.

“Relinquish your attachment to the known, step into the unknown, and you will step into the field of all possibilities.”  

— Deepak Chopra

Sometimes mentally and energetically detaching from a desired outcome can feel like a challenge.  We tend to fear that if we let go of our mental and emotional grip on what we want that it will not come into our life.  However, this is completely false. The only way to allow it to come into your life is through detachment. When you operate from a place of calm, focus, and knowing, realizing your desires no longer feels like hard work.  When you are relaxed, you can more easily hear your inner guidance and know what actions you need to take to achieve your desire. The next time you are struggling to detach, try one of the below tips to help you relax.

Don’t worry about the outcome

Have the perspective that it will happen in the exact way it is meant to happen.  This includes the right timing. From this perspective, you will no longer worry about the outcome.  This puts you in the feeling of trust.

Fake it before you make it

You have probably heard this saying before.  In truth, there is a lot of wisdom to it. By faking that you already have your desire, you start to build a feeling that you already have something.  Over time, the feeling of having is truly established and you detach from a feeling of wanting something. You need to use your imagination to picture in your mind and feel in your body that you already have what you desire.  Similarly, begin to “act as if” you already have what you desire. Adjust your attitudes and actions to be aligned as much as is reasonable with your desires.

Embrace the unknown and develop a positive feeling to uncertainty

In the space of uncertainty is all possibility.  Learn to love the feeling of not knowing what is next.  Let it excite you and make you feel like anything is possible.  

Shift any feelings of fear or doubt into a productive action

When fear or doubt creeps in, shift your focus to something that serves you and moves you in the direction of your desire or goal.  Don’t let fear and doubt paralyze you. Let these feelings be a signal that you need to get busy (keep writing, building, creating, studying, or taking any kind of action that is aligned with your desire). Make sure what you are focused on is making you feel good.

About the Author

Raana Zia

Raana is a corporate executive/CFO turned spiritual self-help author of the book Your Hidden Light.  As an executive, she has spent 15+ years building teams and developing leaders to maximize their abilities and achieve their professional goals. Her passion for personal growth and an intense desire to find the most direct path to manifesting the desires that live in one’s heart led her down an unexpected path of self-realization and spirituality.  You can connect with Raana at or on  facebook, instagram, and twitter.

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