Think about it. We spend loads of time exercising our bodies. We want to be lean and fit and look our best. Here’s the thing, we need to be at peak performance mentally to be at peak performance physically. Why aren’t we exercising our brains? We have 10 activities you can follow to exercise your brain, which will help you with memory, mental acuity, and wellness.

10 Activities to Exercise Your Brain

Mental Activity. The first step in exercising those brain muscles is to test them every day. Just like when you train your body and hit different muscle groups each workout, you want to do the same with mental activity and mix it up. One day do a crossword puzzle and take an alternate route to work and the next day play Sudoku and memorize the words to a song. Pick a couple of different activities daily that test your mentally and keep your brain active. There are also different apps and online sites you can use, such as lumosity to exercise your brain.

Socialize. It might seem like an unusual way to exercise your brain, but being with friends and family wards off depression and lowers stress levels.

Organization. Decluttering can help you remember things. If keeping things decluttered isn’t a part of your routine, put things on your calendar and put post-its around to remember things. Following a to-do list will keep you organized and keep your keys and your wallet in the same spot every day.

Sleep. Lack of sleep leads to all kinds of health issues, from forgetfulness to memory loss. Our brains need between seven and nine hours of sleep a night to exercise them at peak performance.

Healthy Eating. Healthy foods are good for our bodies and our brains. Quality fats, berries, veggies, greens, bone broth, and herbs all keep our minds sharp.

Physical Activity. Remember, the body and the brain work together. Regular exercise causes the blood flow to the brain to increase and nerve cells to multiply. Just like exercising your brain, try to mix up your workout routine too.

Volunteering. Adding to your well-being by helping others promotes brain health and raises self-esteem. You will not only be helping yourself, but you will be helping others in the process. Volunteering is one of the brain exercises we all need to do on a regular basis!

Vitamin D. Activated Vitamin D receptors increase nerve growth in your brain. It is optimal to have 50 – 80 milligrams of Vitamin D daily. There are different ways to get your Vitamin D, from taking a walk in the sunshine to taking a pill. No matter how you get it, be sure you have plenty of it.  You might want to try Dr. Axe’s brain support kit, which contains all the vitamins you need to keep your brain healthy and wise.

Music. A study shows that verbal fluency increases after listening to music. And, we suggest you dance too. Not because it will help your brain exercise, but because it’s fun and it feels good!

Magnesium. Magnesium has been shown to decrease the risk of stroke, increase memory, and help in the recovery of an injured brain. Dr. Carolyn Dean, who wrote the book, Magnesium Miracle, talks about the benefits of magnesium when it comes to exercising your brain. We asked her what magnesium she suggested, as some can act as a laxative, and she said she recommends ReMag because it is 100% absorbed without the laxative effect.

If you want to exercise your brain, try all 10 of our activities for optimum success. If you want to hear more about the brain, I will be discussing this very topic on Wednesday at 9 am on CBS in Kansas City on Better KC. If you aren’t in KC, I will post a link on my Facebook page for you!

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