DMRToday on Small Changes Big Shifts we are celebrating anniversaries.
I am celebrating my one-year anniversary of right-sizing my body and healing from my accident.

Sudy, our “real” guest is celebrating 6-months of sharing her wellness journey with us on the podcast.

For both of us, over the last few months, we have been blessed by the powers of self-care.

After my accident I really worried about if I would ever move the same way again.
I worried about if I would ride a bike again.
I worried that I might not be able to show up for my patients like I had before.

But I walked alongside with my fears and embraced self-care.
There in those moments of self-care, I found self-love.
There, in those moments, I learned just how miraculous my body can be…

Sudy, has also learned that you need self-care and self-love to make changes.
And those acts as simple as they may seem create radical shifts.

That is what we are talking about today on the show.

Get your dose of simple yet radical self-care here.

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