MRToday I have created a special Small Changes Big Shifts episode for you.

About 274 days ago my life changed forever. At 6:45 a.m. I was riding my bike to work when I was hit by a car. As many of you know I fractured pelvis in eight places.

Over the last 9-months I have been healing and recovering. I have learned how to walk again. I have learned how to slow down. And I have learned how let others show up for me.

The truth is, healing is hard work.
It takes time and patience.
You have to learn to sit with uncertainty.

I forever grateful for the love and support I received from friends, family, healers and my team.
I am not sure what I would have done without them.

On this day, three days before my 50th birthday, 9-months after this accident I wanted to share the lessons I have learned on this healing journey with you.

There are many moments in our life where we could live from fear.
But we have a choice to live our life from love or fear.

Today I choose love.
Thank you for all your support and love.

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