My Healthy Choices!

Your children will love keeping track of their wellness activities, and you’ll love how engaged they become in making healthy choices. Take the struggle out of eating well, drinking water, being active and other healthy habits.


12 Months of Wellness Bookmark

If you’ve been to my health center, Your Wellness Connection, in recent months you may have picked up a fun little bookmark for 12 Months of Wellness. It is just a little way for me to remind you that it is the small changes that lead to big shifts, that inch by inch, wellness is a cinch. I want everyone to have access to these fun little reminders. You can download a PDF with the bookmark design and instructions. Enjoy and share!


Body Talk

Your body talks to you. It gives you messages all the time, you just have to listen. Dr. Robin and her colleagues use the Body Talk Metabolic Assessment Form with every client. It is both a diagnostic tool as well as a way to measure progress in your wellness journey. Complete the form and call Your Wellness Connection to schedule a consult and review your results and discuss next steps. YWC Phone: (913) 962-7408 or Toll Free: (877) 499-9355


E Factor Experts

12 E Factor Experts share 20 minute booster shots of wisdom, tools and inspiration to support you along your wellness journey. Follow this link to read about the mind, body, spirit experts that were part of Dr. Robin’s 12 Days of Wellness telesummit. You can listen to and download all 12 recordings.

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