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  • Over the past two years, Michelle Robin has worked with both the Calgary and Denver Women Presidents Organization Chapters, as well as many of my clients. She has been instrumental in helping them to significantly enhance their health and lives. She is an outstanding speaker of influence, the most informed and gifted wellness expert I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

    Elizabeth Lake Ledoux
    Elizabeth Lake Ledoux CEO | Nacelle Consulting
  • The E Factor Mini-retreat was a game changer for my executive team and our organization as a whole. Dr. Robin’s approach engaged our hearts, minds and bodies and reconnected our staff to our personal and professional mission of healthy living. Many of our executive team were compelled to take immediate action in their own lives and have since shared testimonials of significant changes in their well-being. The E Factor has given us simple, holistic tools to expand our mission of healthy living, at home and throughout the organization, benefiting us as individuals, as a team, and our customers.

    David Byrd
    David Byrd President and CEO | YMCA of Greater Kansas City
  • I’ve heard Dr. Robin speak in a couple different settings. She teaches a lot of great information and in a way that makes it easy to understand and really sink in. But what makes her different from other health and wellness speakers is her message of making small changes. Everything about her approach makes getting healthier seem actually possible. She talks about making minor adjustments a little at a time, not massive lifestyle changes all at once, and then she shows you how so that it isn’t overwhelming. She talks about not just setting goals, but finding a team to help you meet your goals, so that you know you’re not alone. Dr. Robin is also real and relatable; she really connects with the audience.

    Gregg Roberts
    Gregg Roberts Vice President of Human Resources | Hillyard, Inc.
  • When we approached Dr. Robin about speaking at our inaugural Worksite Wellness Symposium she accepted the invitations with the enthusiasm and commitment that was vital to the success of the first-time event. Throughout the planning process she went above and beyond her role as a speaker through her insight and recommendations for the direction of the program. We couldn’t have been more pleased with her presentation, and the overwhelming response we got from our event attendees further validated our decision to include her in our event.

    Angie Galindo
    Angie Galindo Executive Director | American Heart Association - Midwest
  • Dr. Robin is a ray of light in the wellness industry and we are so thankful for her gift that she share with our world! Since bringing her on board to coach and educate our members regarding healthy living, NACWAA’s programming has reached a new level. Her passion, energy, spirit and vitality show up in all that she does. She is fit to lead and so are we! Much gratitude to you for your work!

    Gina Krahulik
    Gina Krahulik Director of Leadership and Education | National Association of Collegiate Women, Athletics Administrators
  • As a small business it’s been a challenge to establish a wellness program without corporate resources. Our team travels extensively. We wanted to create a culture of wellness and give our team the knowledge and tools for health and well-being at home, in the office and on the road. Dr. Robin provided a comprehensive program customized for us and it is exceeding our expectations. She and her team partnered with us to identify our goals and define a plan of action. Best of all, Dr. Robin kicked off our program as the keynote speaker at our staff retreat. She received outstanding ratings and feedback from our associates, leaving people motivated and anxiously awaiting next steps, and eager to join our new official wellness committee.

    Dan Nilsen
    Dan Nilsen CEO | Bishop McCann